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Local Talent Spotlight

Welcome Artists, Bands, Singers, Comedians and other local Talent!

Your Community Insider, the premier local guide, is always looking for new talent to spotlight on our website, Facebook page, newsletters and community papers. If you are a member of the Morris County, NJ community and you would like to be featured in our new SPOTLIGHT section, please fill out the form below and include an audio / video file (under 1 minute please) or photo for review.

There is no charge to be featured. Our goal is to bring awareness to local talent and help you make your mark in the community. So, if you would like some free publicity, please sign up below on the left. If you would like to also receive our newsletter, you can sign up on the right.

If you are submitting an audio or video file, please keep it under 1MB. You may also include a link to your audio or video file instead.

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